Binary Revolution Radio - 031 - Windows XP SP2

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<a href="">Mac pimp of hacker radio</a>, pirate FM, <a href="">az2600</a>, hacker camp con, email from error, take those games back, walmart discrimination, email from <a href="">lachek</a>, send feedback, maybe there's a hypothetical mistake? mag feedback, mail from regecide, woah! bland is on, impromptu three way, <a href="">Howard Stern</a>, log checking, .net, .com, number 5 is from poland, number 6 is .gov, .us, .org, .nl, .ca, .mil, .nu?!, wgetting, search engines, streaming media server aaaaalmost there, installing slackware...3 times?, freebsd, <a href="">ghettotooth</a> (tk), bluetooth wardriving *MAY* be feasible with the extension, antenna, out the window, <a href="">Culture Jam: READ THIS BOOK!</a>, this book will <a href="">make the rounds</a>, <a href="">Windows XP sp2</a>, sql server service pack4, slapt-get, notes?!, memory protections, safer email, ilug,, dual is a relay op, <a href="">Terry Tate</a>, music out da piehole. note from stankDawg: My apologies for a couple of sound quality issues with this episode. I did some editing to increase the volume, but it also increased the static. It only happens in a couple of places.


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