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OMG RAX IS HERE, email from <censored>, <a href="">fandango</a>, "we will never charge you to pay your bill", balcony section, theater wifi, email from cessna, <a href="">hope5</a> info, <a href="">dual and rax do h2k2</a>, be there or be square, email from pixelfiend, wacko boyfriend, it all depends on what your definition of "is" is, apples and oranges, nat is holding IPv6 at bay, still workin on media server, shouts to djmollusk, <a href="">HackTV</a>, intros are done, shouts to saitou, <a href="">walmart dvds</a> (i said walmart), Stank's got a big rack(?), Rax in Michigan, <a href=""></a>, the <a href="">Detroit auto show</a>, <a href="">Toyota Scion</a>, suv crap, the smart car, Toyota Prius, hydrogen vehicle, fuel cell laptops, <a href="">101 ways to save the net</a>, no more servers only p2p?, <a href="">bill gates knighted</a>, creative comments for dummies, <a href="">verisign</a> must die, monty python, wifi phone booths, mesh networks, IPv4 is a hippy legacy, broadband at walmart, customer service at walmart, huh?


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