Binary Revolution Radio - 028 - The GPL

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Action packed episode, telephonic craptacular feedback, pimp BRR!, new hacker definition?, the essence of bubba, hacking and water, aware of awareness, <a href="!&prop=sports&locale=us&rf=l">Yahoo email bug</a>, it's all about the hits, subversive spam, dvd escapade, eight processor machine!, Stank switched from Bellsouth (they suck) to <a href="">Comcast</a> (suckage currently unknown, TBD), it is fast (3.0 Mbps), going cel only/voip, Stank's first <a href="">geocaching</a> trip...TN/Left < BR > magazine, 10% of the world online, 65% of americans online, 30% of americans online have broadband, 12.6 trillion emails last year,<a href=""> gpl</a>, can people charge for gpl'ed software?, make <a href="">coffee</a> on linux, solaris coffee maker, <a href="">fedora</a>...shudder, Stankmail for money?, loophole, bukkakix, sell your own software, not the gpl'ed base, Stank enforcing the gpl since now, long and wide, how about a gpl 2.0?, feedback us, continuing the<a href=""> 101 ways to save the internet</a>: perp walks, take back uhf, 29cents/mp3, <a href="">itunes</a>, white-hat protection law, do not spam list, disposable addresses, scramble emails, p2p email?!, hackers appreciate culture, proof: <a href="">bland's music</a>.


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