Binary Revolution Radio - 027 - "State of the 'net"

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Voodu worked, lotta stuff this show, <a href=""></a> team pimp, IM rants, Stank is easily satisfied, live linux distros, <a href="">default</a>,<a href=""> cccpr</a>, <a href="">rfa</a>, spyware bad, vooduhal's rig, voodu's new car, Stank's car mods, dvd player, Stank wakes up at the crack o' noon, 2600 rootwars, Stank's warehouse, <a href=""></a>, wargame formats,contact vooduhal to participate, hint system, one time only 2600 meeting attendee, Stank's <a href="">omni-directional 802.11 antenna</a>, $20-$25, <a href="">Oracle</a>, no more AIM rants for a month!, projectors, old skool: chalk and abacus, ghetto lab with the 333Mhz pII's, <a href="">EduCue personal response system</a>, InfraRed, hand raising is deprecated, Cisco used to give <a href="">voip for students</a>, college fees, tricorders, voice badge, memo: as of december 31st BellSouth will no longer provide payphone service for customer, payphones are dying, Bellsouth sucks, 3 payphones left out of 30+, kiosks?!, happy new year, <a href="">101 ways to save the internet</a>, spammers == terrorists, pr0n in peace, free the airwaves, constant wifi coverage, ".sex", <a href="">etronics</a>, shouts to cookie chix0r.


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