Binary Revolution Radio - 025 - Telephonic Craptacular 1

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About This File

Telephonic craptacular, happy 25th birthday, telemarketers are teh sux0r, "stankdawg edit", visa call, Stank has good credit, save money for holding, identity theft still demands credit, social engineering, digital cable, all the pr0n you can eat?!, survey chick, Stank is in the porno industry, <a href="">Toyota</a> is teh c00l, Stankbeavis, pp, Stankpirate, Stanklady, Stankfuck, Stankninja, Stankfood, Stankstolenbyevilhackers, Stankahnold, Stankanime. note from StankDawg: This special episode aired on 12/23/2003 to celebrate our 25th episode and to give us a break over the Christmas holidays. It is a collection of phone calls that I had been recording over a few months. I hope you find it funny.


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