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Saddam parallel, show novels, glooko's email: <a href="">media tax/levy</a> is the sux0r, canadian hooker, levy, first one's free, <a href="">industry</a> making money off of musicians, gateway on the pr0n channel, more HackTV footage, H2K4, <a href="">fluxbox</a> and asian pr0n, started with computers, never looked back, slaving over show notes, new platform new features, <a href="">DDP phreaktoyz</a>, learn from the media?, avoid TV, we are the media, internet, downtown amy brown..., cussings, bank security questions, easy to get a person's SSN, SSN in email address standards!, rectum cleaning, spammers, patriot act, read stuff before you sign it, fuck probable cause, faith in the government?, 25th anniversary next episode...w00t, props to armed forces, shouts to vooduhal, ntheory, bland, az2600.


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