Binary Revolution Radio - 022 - The Big Hack

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<a href="">RantRadio</a> changes, BinRev in the talk rotation, this Friday <a href="">2600 meetings</a>, nick84's email, 13 year old young lady running <a href="">bluejackq</a>, <a href="">Bluetooth snarfing</a> still unproven, bl00t00th, <a href="">Geocaching</a> uses GPS not GSM, Stank's <a href="">articles</a>, BinRev 1.3 article editing, vooduhal's been a lazy ass, voodu's <a href="">LDAP project</a>, <a href="">bland buck naked with a sock on his crotch</a> *shudder*, A StankDawg AOL AIM rant: AOL sending streaming video through AIM client, these ppl don't know what's good for them, illegal and fucked up, lawsuit waiting to happen, <a href="">AOL IS SUCK</a>!, almighty dollar screwing things up, AOL/Time-Warner : fucknuts of the month, companies using AIM?, not anymore, <a href="">the big hack</a>, <a href="">hackback</a>, WOW, <a href="">THE BIG HACK IS FAKE!</a>, TBH is "<a href="">immersive fiction</a>", the big con?, this is hilarious, what you make for them STAYS their property, you'd be better off coding for something real, they'll get rich offa yo' ass, hacking the hackers, just imagine the fallout, <a href="">Toyota Prius supports bluetooth</a>, old people=lemmings?, <a href="">Microsoft awarded patent</a> for the " your buddy is typing" feature on im software...BIG F**KING DEAL!, shouts to ntheory, decoder, hillbilly h4x0r, shouts to bland, shouts to the <a href="">gallery</a>.


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