Binary Revolution Radio - 021 - Bluetooth

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What up homeslice?, stream change, cloaked dagger's email, email from fakeboy, where to get the theme music, <a href="">mc chris</a>, <a href="">mc frontalot</a>, Stank at the mall, young phreaks out in the wild, <a href="">default radio</a>, nerdcore 101, bland naked - tupac bandana - <a href="">rhcp</a> style sock, oldskool rap, geek rap, <a href="">nerdcore punk</a>?, rappin bout da haitians, sticky art, paris hilton video, pr0n or art: you be the judge, <a href="">michael jackson</a>..., haha lol lol, uber, binary redneck radio, multi track audio recording software for linux, <a href="">bluejacking</a>, <a href="">bluesnarfing</a>?!, massive dual shouts for his <a href="">bluetooth script</a>, bluetooth security, third stall or next?, pringles phone cantenna, no real bluetooth vulnerabilities, Japanese nut scrachin phones, <a href="">google search appliance</a>, most visited *.org = <a href=""></a> ...WTF!?, daddy needs a new winter sock, Popular Science: Best of whats new in computing = <a href=",18881,536713,00.html">802.11g</a> (54mbit on 2.4ghz band), <a href=",18881,536719,00.html">impenetrable p2p network</a>, <a href="">MICROSOFT GOES OPENSOURCE!</a>, 100 million lines of code to mvp, //comments, take out the goto's and comments, shouts to decoder and lucky225, shouts to <a href="">rantradio</a>, bigups to dual, <a href="">mc nonpolynomial</a>.


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