Default Radio - 33

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Warning this episode is 2 hours and 20 minutes! [This special episode of Default radio was broadcast live from The Fifth HOPE] [There are calls from StankDawg, dual_parallel, w1nt3rmut3, and Darci] Lucky225 / natas were interviewed by Kevin Poulsen for Security Focus about caller id spoofing. Lucky is now searching for an ANI ii digit ANAC. Doug calls a payphone test number. StankDawg calls in. Doug has a screenshot of ntheory and natas in Times Square. dual and w1nt3rmut3 call in, earlier dual promoted Default Radio on the 'Off the Hook' HOPE special. ntheory hands his phone to Darci [they are in the same elevator] Darci tells Lucky he is "Lame". Lucky goes back to reading news stories. Lucky got locked out of his house. StankDawg tells the story of how a co-worker changed one default password to another. Havoc has emailed a list of default password URL's:, Doug gives out the call-in number. Default Radio will be broadcast from a studio in the future. Lucky gives out some information on a secret room on the Hotel Pennsylvania's 20th floor. natas / Cessna do urban exploration live on Default Radio. Lucky tries to give directions to the secret floor. "In 2002 nothing was locked" -- Lucky. natas / Cessna find computer control systems for the elevators. natas / Cessna are on the roof of the hotel, Cessna's cell phone drops. You hear WhiteSword calling in for a few seconds saying "OWNED!". natas / Cessna are live on the streets of New York [taxi horns can be heard]. "I do not fear the taxi horns" -- Lucky. "As always, Everything, EVERY FUCKING THING IS ALWAYS ON ASD#$(R*WEU)IDSVJ" -- Lucky225 screaming like a moron. "Everything is always on Default" -- ntheory


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