Default Radio - 30

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[RijilV has been fired] Strom Carlson hangs up. Episode 29 may be released this weekend. Default Radio will be at Defcon talking on the subject of "Phreaking in the Age of Voice Over IP". Yahoo are now offering 100mb of storage. The DDP hack radio stream is currently down. Lucky is thinking about making Default Radio hats. Lucky has been filming for Doug TV. WhiteSword TV (Torrent) is now up. Lucky was on BinRev Radio Episode 50 (Telephonic Craptacular 2). Lucky cites Business and Professions code section 25600 to Albertsons. Doug makes an announcement: There has not been much phreaking on the show since episode 24 because decoder did most of the scanning. If you have any phreaking info send it to 1111[at] "Lets stop owning people and have fun" -- Doug. "Everything is always on Default"


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