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[Lucky calls local Proctor test set and Red Boxes using his voice] [The color for testing today is red (800-213-TEST)] Doug introduces the show for no reason. RijilV is in downtown Seattle. "Get yourself a real phone" -- RijilV. It is relatively easy to set up call forwarding on someone else business line. Cessna calls in, he is printing Default Radio T-Shirts. Havoc has emailed about's description of a phreaker. Lucky now have Voicepulse 909 numbers. "daisy chain"'ing is the new way to hide caller id. Lucky's laugh produces DTMF. Doug starts to take calls. Tron calls in, he has been "busy". Alpha Flood calls in. Lucky tells a caller to turn down the volume on his radio. some website has a good review on the features of all the current VoIP providers.


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