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Someone has pointed out there is a flaw in the "Default Radio" numbering scheme. There will be a call-in line on this show. "pam_usb is a PAM module that enables authentication using an USB-Storage device". Even during the cold war "people left their stuff on default" -- Lucky225. There is a Tiny URL plugin for Firefox. Lucky warns people he will not be able to attend hope and not to cancel their tickets because of this... ...two people IM Doug saying they will cancel their tickets. RijilV is in a convenience store. Lucky is planning to go to Defcon. Lucky gave out the wrong call-in number, Doug corrects him... "Your call may be recorded for training purposes". Some telemarketer calls the bridge being used to record the show. GIJoe joins and helps out the show. Lucky advises listeners to subscribe to Vonage so they can dial long distance for free. Default radio listeners have been switching to Vonage from Packet8. Cessna is making "Default Radio" T-Shirts.


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