Binary Revolution Radio - 020 - Spammer Tricks

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Bland is queer, action packed, <a href=""></a>, email from byte stealer, <a href="">Matrix</a> is cool, the merovingian kicks ass, episode 3 is the <a href="">ewok</a> ones, Star Trek/Star Wars whatever..., <a href="">sleep in a bucket</a>, urinal cake, <a href="">hotmail</a>, single sign-on, Stank's been coding like a madman, meetings to discuss the topic's of future meeting, USELESS MEETINGS!, <a href="">garbage data</a>, does bland do anything during the night?, <a href="">Royal shredder shreds cds</a> (MD100 model), bluetooth: big brother's in the doorbell, <a href=",1,12897,00.html">paris hilton pr0n video</a>, perl, so many projects, so little time..., new show!? w00t!!, "spam is an adaptive virus", SPAMmer tricks and loopholes, good healthy suck (what?), microsoft backslashing, spammers scum-o-the-earth, worse: spammer or lawyer?, mixing letters, the viagra show, blended threats strike back!, Geniuses at <a href="">Symantec</a>, no money in the cure, virus scanner in longhorn (HA!), shouts to rocket @ <a href="">interz0ne</a>, shouts to dual (bland's white bro), <a href="">mc frontalot</a>.


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