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[This episode features an authentic background cracking effect] [RijilV introduces / hosts the show] RijilV has been listening to people in elevators. Please tell us why they call CD cases jewel cases! Remove spyware with Ad-aware. Cell phone hacking was featured in the June 2004 edition of Popular Science. features codes for "unlocking" Nokia cell phones. RijilV has firmware which allows you to change the call priority on Nextel phones. RijilV has trouble with Quest and DSL. Red boxing still works. A listener emails from England. RijilV has an email address. Send hate mail to lucky225 at natas finally has a NuFone account. NuFone pass though ANI on DID/DDI numbers, VoicePulse Connect do not. The NuFone customer support number is 248-724-8647. VoicePulse have a number of advanced features, however the quality is not yet perfect like Vonage. Packet8 and VoicePulse allow you to block ANI along with Caller ID.


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