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Introduction music is 867-5309: Jenny, Tommy Tutone]. [This episode is simulcasting on 212-222-4177]. There is a new show called Telephonic Default / Default Daily on 206-222-5585 - call it up to listen to short episodes on phreaking related matters. To get a free Laser Voicemail box call 206-376-1000 (they have unlimited greeting time). There is no email or voicemail. Send email to,,,, .Verizon is the Rolls Royce of telecommunications providers. -- decoder. There is a new segment, "Strom Carlson answering dumb questions from alt.phreaking. ntheory calls a 950 error message relating to the question "950s: Do they still exist?" There is a question on "Millenium Payphones". Someone.s phone is creating static - its Doug. You can get free calls on Millennium Payphones if the power is out and you have a tone dialer. There is a question titled "How did they get my number?". There is a question titled "hide from Caller id". has various phone related recordings. Strom Carlson explains what most people think of as ANI as it relates to the SS7 protocol. 202-867-5309 has been owned by a Default Radio listener. If you want to introduce the show leave a message on the Default voicemail. features a weekly wardial. 206-208-8375 is the Strom Carlson recording service. 206-888-3334 will be a directory of phreaking related Laser voicemail boxes. "Everything is always on Default"


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