Binary Revolution Radio - 019 - Matrix: Revolutions

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*Spoiler Alert*: if you have not seen the Matrix:Revolutions, you might not want to listen to this episode! happy veteran's day and thanks to all veterans, <a href="">defcon</a> - party all night, learning all day, security/hacker conferences, spot the fed, HL2 took 3 weeks to "get", eggshell defense, it's pretty much public domain now..., urban exploration IS NOT trespassing ;), <a href="">Marvin the Martian</a>, Stank isn't black (or is he?), <a href="">gallery</a> pimp, Stank has been codin' like a fiend, <a href="">Oracle</a> programming, Stank getting people's personal medical records, Dr. Joe Doe, Rax been busy, train the trainer, you must keep up with the world, Rax's 2600 meeting meets, <a href="">shift-key copy protection loophole</a>, dual tried to get them to come to the meeting, 2600 meeting presentations, from 0 people to 15 people, n00bs welcome at 2600 meetings, go with a friend, be friendly and open, share information, <a href="">Matrix:Revolutions</a> review, no shouts to Stank's friends, religious undertones, there's a lot of freaky s**t in this series, Stank gets into the movie, yells at the screen (it's alright man, i'm the same), damn purists, Rax plays the <a href="">Matrix game </a>which has lots of extra material, The Matrix is an immersive experience, they better not make a tv series out of it!, the mechs kicked @$$, beautiful, props to Neo - the ultimate hacker, shouts to <a href="">Stank's 2600</a>, shouts to decoder, shouts to <a href="">Rax's 2600</a> and his robot dog.


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