Default Radio - 11

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Lucky lost his job. Lucky's private investigation business is not going well. Doug experiences packet loss, Lucky silently drops. Telemarketers are now required to pass a valid caller id. Do not call 800 numbers direct (your actual ANI is always passed), use 10-10-288. decoder drops in the middle of a sentence, Doug drops, Lucky is the only one left. [short Break, to sort out technical issues]. There are no emails. decoder calls Japan, they have a nice ring tone. AT&T have new, kinder recordings while you wait.Lucky has an advanced copy of his article on privacy that will appear in the Winter edition of 2600 at Lucky usually buys 2600 from Barnes & Noble since they have it before it arrives in his mailbox, and jokes about signing the extra copies and selling them on Ebay. Lucky has an AT&T phone without a social security number and describes how to do it. Doug plays the voicemail, Tron has left a message. decoder's voicemail is 206-984-3825, Lucky's voicemail is 909-590-0004. Cbzone is officially gone. decoder disappears, Lucky and Doug fill. Talk of a possible hacker conference in Arizona. "Everything is always on Default".


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