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SoCal, a Look Back. This episode was pre recorded, and will feature content recorded from the SoCal bridge. Tron (known for disrupting teleconferences among other thing) is not such a bad guy accoring to decoder. Tron was "owned". Tron did not like a text file written by decoder. For a period Tron was calling the FBI for 20 minutes every day. [Audio played from conference]. Captain Crunch is working on a "Crunch Box" and trying to rid the world of spammers. Emmanual Goldstein (editor of 2600 Magazine) and Tron go back 20-25 years. [Audio played from conference with Captain Crunch]. Email requested from Tron. The SoCal bridge was a linux machine running Asterisk PBX with two T1 lines (24 voice lines) operating as a conference service. Kevin Mitnick was also heard on there a few times. Everybody who was anybody was on the SoCal bridge. It went down after the NSA got involved.[Recorded clips from the SoCal bridge is played]


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