Binary Revolution Radio - 018 - Verisign Sucks

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ghent of defcon fame passes away (bummer), no more 1.3 articles, send in 2.1 articles, props to hac (aren't I predictable), <a href="">H2K4 CONFIRMED</a> w00t!!, <a href="">defcon</a> -> fun, h2k4 -> knowledge, beer-rev, stank no subway!?, <a href=""> feature</a>, hey go buy <a href="">defensive thinking</a>, book reconstruction, BOOK PR0N!!!, Amazon account needed for book pr0n, <a href="">verisign</a> is teh f**knuts, verisign monopoly, these people suck and they want to make money...naaahhhh...they just wanna help, the value of (mis)trust, wade through porn, top 5 sites by company: 5=<a href="">google</a>,4= <a href="">ebay</a>, 3=<a href="">yahoo</a>, 2=<a href="">aoltimewarner</a>, 1=<a href="">microsoft</a>, <a href="">f**</a>, <a href="">Valve</a> has sprung a leak, even the source is sexy, see it steal it, you can't put the source back in the horse, email back the code?, Stank will buy HL2, amazing physics engine, separate the online world and the real world, don't kill yourself (it WILL be lethal), shouts to mut3, shouts to ntheory (condolences), shouts to lucky225, and licutis.


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