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Opening music: Ministry - "hero", Lucky225 is missing in action, VoIP Wars II: Packet8 has unlimited international!, ntheory's npa.php site (database of exchanges), the Roof Trampoline (patent panding!), ANI-ii digits (information integers??), phone calls! -Paris Hilton's cellphone -Ameritech RespOrg -the Governator -Nebraska 511 system -Lucky225's house, shouts to StankDawg, dual, & Majestic, closing music: Ministry - "lay lady, lay".


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I just wanted to say, its April 24th 2018.  I'm now 38 years old.       I was listening to a Philip DeFranco youtube video.  He talked about his dude who is popular with young teens Jake Paul.  Apparently this you fellow literally installed a roof trampoline on his home.     


This made me reminisce about the default radio episode where decoders riffs on roof trampolines (2004).  Thats why I'm here now.  


If anyone sees this, hi dudes!      I think fondly of the days in the early 2000s with binrev   =)  


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