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funky stardate?!, <a href="">phpnuke</a> IS teh sux0r, onyl send to: letters[at]binrev[dot]com, filming for hackTV underway (w00t), no more trailers, xp is teh sux0r (*sigh* again), open source plug, voodu spent the weekend at <a href="">Phreaknic</a>, a lot of alcoh...err...talks, <a href="">cryptographic artwork</a>, computer car project, un-ghettofied cars, cool mazda miata, hillbilly hackers (snowcone dudes), more ppl turned out than expected, voodu's new password, <a href="">interzone</a> in atlanta, binrev con?, phreaknic taped, wargames kickass, microsoft security (oxymoron), redhat options, rant topic : telemarketing, half assed loopholes, telemarketers taking advantage, voodu telemarketer?!!!, "existing customer" loophole, great, give em ideas voodu!!, Stank's upcoming telephonic craptacular, telemarketing popups?!, how perverted are these people?!!, (intentional) loophole -> customer service, return of door to door salesmen(<girly yell>aaaaaaaa</girly yell>), Stank's carpet is dirty, people need to stop BUYING, 70 MILLION calls A DAY!, sold more than $ 100 BILLION to consumers (tsk tsk ppl!), discount bin at <a href="">dollar store</a>, voodu raped, shouts to guiness and jim beam, shots to saitou, womp, ntheory.


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