Binary Revolution Radio - 185 - Internet Advertising

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Stank is joined by natas, Stank is still on his cherry Kool-Aid kick, natas has some phone troubles in his area, natas talks about his radio show pbx, Stank recommends the new issues of von magazine, and baseline magazine, check out <a href="”>von magazine online</a>, natas doesn’t have any male problems, Email about vista speech recognition system and how it looks very similar to <a href="">Dragon Naturally Speaking</a>, natas never hated Microsoft till now, Stank rants about IE7 and the media player, check out thunderbird's gpg plugin <a href="">enigmail</a>, Stank explains pay for click and cost per thousand, Stank talks about click thru ratio and quality score, Stank and natas are both blacklisted from google, natas explains adwords and adsense, Stank’s adsense woes, overture got bought out by yahoo and became yahoo search marketing, natas explains yahoo’s new ad system , Microsoft has it’s own ad’s as well at <a href="">Microsoft ad center</a>, Stank talks about tor and ads, the internet is one big hustle, site of the week <a href="">Yahoo search marketing</a>


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