Binary Revolution Radio - 184 - Web Hosting 101

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Stank is joined by Booter this week, Stank breaks his pattern drinking cherry Kool-Aid this week, Stank explains the reasons behind the server move, the new server is a managed box, Stank explains the issues with the server move, Stank’s nameserver woes, Booter talks about cougar hunting, look for a relaunch of <a href="">willhackforfood coming soon</a>, Booter has to urinate, Stank explains the different type of hosting, Stank talks about free hosing such as geocities and tripod, Booter explains shared hosting, be careful when dealing with resellers try to go with bigger companies, Booter explains the difference between a co-located and a dedicated servers, dedicated servers run as low as $50, Stank explains the need for more memory, Booter talks about network overages and usage, Stank talks about bind and setting up nameservers, other things you might run on a server are mail spam filters and some type of database software, Booter talks about control panels and why they are used, Stank talks about managed servers most managed servers don't give you root access, some have only a specific number of support tickets and support only a specific control panel software, site of the week <a href=""></a>


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