Binary Revolution Radio - 183 - Top 14 security practices

About This File

Stank is joined by savant this week, Stank owned himself in irc, Stank gives an update on the server stability, Stank is trying to not be a beggar on the air, forums have been upgraded, <a href="></a> is back online and updated, savant talks about a BinRev Disney trip in February, savant talks about the Tinkerbell pass, savant has pants on for once, Email about the audio quality issues, savant gets pwned with movie trivia, savant is drinking on the air again, savant talks about his nicotine patch, Stank never took the SAT?, savant gets roasted again for his faulty movie quote reference, Stank talks about forwarding spam to his cell, Email about producing linux t-shirts, check out <a href="">14 best security practices</a> from infoworld, learn what is running on your computer, why vista is a bit annoying but has better security, vista is self healing but too much "flair", Stank rants about blocking file extensions in email, don’t give anyone more permissions then they need, savant rants about his myspace woes, take everything off default, security is a layered process, site of the week <a href="htttp://"></a>


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