Binary Revolution Radio - 180 - (Not) Being Suspicious

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BR is co-hosting with Stank this week, Stank explains his weird obsessions with numbers, 2007 = year of "ROOT" (2=R, 0=O, 0=O, 7=T), free styling in a new year, Stank explains his trouble with the server, server move is going to happen within the next month or so, Stank talks about playing old dos games, Email about survival blankets, Email about storing guid's in mysql, listen to the end of each show sometimes there are outtakes at the end after the music, Stank got a new gadget, mini review of the <a href=",CRID=2084,CONTENTID=9933">Harmony 880</a> universal remote, Stank talks about hacking the remote, Stank rants about TV shows, BR can't pull off the hat, Stank reads a lot of magazines, check out <a href="">CSO magazine</a>, just don't bend over for anybody to be cavity searched, BR needs to find some nervous men, don't joke with airport security, Stank talks about parking garages, don't do anything stupid in airports, a majority of breaches in security come from employees, Stank talks about another article from CSO online, Blackberries support full disk encryption, Site of the week: <a href=""></a>


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