Binary Revolution Radio - 179 - Corporate Security

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The last two shows had issues streaming, BR suggest you include a pronunciation key in your email, windows keeps us security professionals employed, email about the wilderness survival episodes, BR sends shouts to any of our service personal overseas, BR has a malware analysis station that he hasn't used yet, check out <a href="">winpooch</a> for an active trojan/malware scanner, also check out <a href="">partimage</a> for a Norton Ghost clone, BR intends on using <a href="">Truman Malware</a> analysis cd for his malware box, paladin explains cooperate espionage, a lot of information can be gained about a company by dumpster diving, compromised <a href="">e*trade</a> accounts is one way pump and dump stock scams will be carried out, no one has ever been prosecuted under <a href="">hipaa laws</a>, paladin suggests background checks for all employees, be aware of what is going on in your company, monitor your employees activities, all a college degree does is open doors, Booter is still doing the Jenny Scan and the forums are still messed up.


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