Binary Revolution Radio - 178 - Holiday Freestylin'

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Stank didn't make eagle scout like someone on the show, Stank upset BR's mojo and is spending every waking moment on a problem server, Stank is a Mystery Science Theater kinda guy, the server is somewhat fixed, mysql is "teh sux" and cpanel is "teh sux", BR screwed up <a href="">episodes 177's</a> closing music but he's got it fixed now, Stank is the encyclopedia of pr0n, Email about ham radio, BR tells his poo story, Email about <a href="">BRR episode 175</a> about culture jamming check out <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a>, Stank talks about Jenny scanning and data warehousing, Stank talks about PDA and PDA phones, pocket IRC clients are always handy, the Treo 700w adjusts the appointment times in your calendar when you change time zones, there is no shut down feature for the Treo 700w you can turn off the phone feature but the device only goes into a hibernate-like state, Stank recommends noise canceling headphones on planes, portable game systems are always handy such as the Nintento DS, <a href="">Archos 604 wifi edition</a> has built in wifi but you have to manual scan for networks and doesn't support xvid and some other popular codecs for video, check out <a href="">The Magellan explorist 500</a> for a good handheld gps especially for <a href="">geocaching</a>.


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