Binary Revolution Radio - 177 - Wilderness Survival (part 2)

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faceman is back for wilderness survival 2, faceman told a few individuals in <a href="">irc #binrev</a> to go get lost in the woods and hasn't seen them since, check out <a href=""></a>, the Binrev server has been acting up as of late, check out <a href="">bwgburn</a> and <a href="">cdburnerxp</a> for free image burning software, Everclear offers alcohol that is 190 proof, Youtube has the video of <a href="

on Animal Planet</a>, BR's first computer didn't have a mouse, faceman burns cd's that don't work, faceman wants to be flamed, BR is setting up a malware analysis client, the next priority after food and shelter is signaling, faceman likes rescuing little children, the 3 is the universal distress signal, a triangle is used as a visual distress signal, BR talks about distress calls over the radio, the symbol X is used for a request for medical assistance, faceman recommends you to go learn your clouds if you want to predict the weather, fish start feeding before a storm, check out <a href=""></a>, first concern for camouflage is shape, faceman explains what you should pack in an emergency kit, MRE's actually are not half bad, batteries have expiration dates, get a glowstick, site of the week <a href=""></a>.


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