Binary Revolution Radio - 176 - Wilderness Survival (part 1)

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About This File

BR is joined by faceman for this episode, faceman is a n00b from Alabama who has some wilderness survival skillz, Email from livinded about botnets, another email about phishing and investing check this out for <a href="">stock spam monitoring</a> email about storing large integers in mysql, BR is a big fan of water when talking for extended periods of time, email about the culture jamming episode check out <a href=""></a>, <a href=""></a> for a free image burning software, faceman is an adventure scout, This PDF file is the <a href="">army wilderness survival manual</a>, your last priority should be food, first priority should be either fire or shelter, you don't want to be near water when picking a shelter, search for a clear water source, faceman explain how to make a water still, BR explains how to boil water in a paper cup, rust is very volatile, saltwater fish can be eaten raw, all snakes are edible if you cook them as well as birds, BR suggests picking up a boyscout manual, site of the week is <a href=""></a>, fucknut of the week <a href="

Leet speak</a> check out <a href="></a> and <a href="">haycon</a>


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