Binary Revolution Radio - 175 - Culture Jamming

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Booter co-hosts this non-telephonic craptacular episode, Booter is a milf hunter or reverse cougar hunter, the <a href="">.net episode</a> was a very popular download, email about the developing with the java platform, Windows 3.1 is still in use and is at south station in Boston according to BR, Booter talks about his Jenny scan 2007, BR has a new T-Mobile MDA, today's topic is <a href ="">culture jamming</a> or social hacking, Booter explains his liquor store experience, <a href="">Buy nothing day</a> is another culture jamming occasion, check out <a href="">Turk 182</a>, it all boils down to making people more aware of their surroundings, check out <a href=""></a>, BR explains the Michael Jackson host in the Boston herald, <a href="">People Eating Tasty Animals</a>, site of the week <a href=""></a>.


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