Binary Revolution Radio - 174 - Botnets

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verbal and savant are hosting this botnet special, verbal needs more mentors for his mentorship program, currently working on a web page for the mentorship program, savant talks about setting up a west coast regional meeting, A <a href="">botnet</a> is a collection of compromised computer systems that are used by a third party, botnet can be used for click-fraud, <a href=",,sid14_gci557336,00.html">distributed denial of service attacks</a> and warez, phishers use botnets for spam mail, two main parts of a botnet the hosts that are controlled and the command and control node, most of the bots are modifications of existing bots such as <a href="">eggdrop</a>, some of the new bots have Google search features built in, <a href="">nepenthes</a> honeypot that emulates windows services, a 6 million node botnet was found, you can control a botnet over any protocal that can send and receive information, <a href="">energymech</a> is an open source bot that is used in a distributed botnet, shelf life for a botnet is about 24 hours, Savant's word of wisdom "don't be a dumbass", a decentralized botnet is most likely the wave of the future, look for any odd processes or anything in your temp directory, verbal recommends <a href="">bastille linux</a> which is a set of perl scripts that hardens the system,


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