Binary Revolution Radio - 173 - .NET and Mono

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BR is officially back for the time being, email about hacking <a href="">voting machines</a>, KyleL has never really used a Mac, BR still wants to install OSX on his laptop, BR thinks Vista will be rolled out half backed, OSX supports a 2 button mouse, KyleL has been working with verbal on the binrev mentorship program email verbal at mentorship -at- binrev /dot/ com if interested, BR took a vacation from work and has been working on <a href=""></a>, <a href="">.NET</a> is a frame work that sits on top of windows that allows you to program in a bunch of languages, <a href="">mono</a> is an implementation of the .Net framework for other operating systems such as linux freebsd and solaris, visual studio 2005 does not suck, there are <a href="">free express editions of visual studio, <a href="">SharpDevelop</a>is a free IDE that can compile .Net and mono code, version 1.0 to 1.1 was small fixes however .Net 2.0 was a major overhaul of the framework, .Net does a lot of memory management for you, .Net cache's everything that compiles java does not, <a href="">.NET reflector</a> can actually look at the code behind the framework, .Net is java done right according to BR, .Net seems to be a bit more lightweight than java, Site of the week <a href=""></a>.


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