Binary Revolution Radio - 015 - Deadly Halon!

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The age old question: college or certification?, <a href="">some colleges suck</a>, but go to college, mut3 goin' to college, Stank's been around the block..., <a href="">forums move</a>, <a href="">gallery up</a>, Stank gets "A" on cyberlaw test, kiosk(w00t) -> loophole allows free access, no weightlifters(OMFG!!!), no luxury of dropping, go to <a href="">HOPE conference</a>, DEADLY HALON story?, how about voodu's deadly "running into the door" story, <a href="">agpgart</a> sux0red so voodu blew his vidcard, EULAs are teh sux0r (plus nobody reads em), benchmarking illegal thanks to EULA?, you DO NOT own your software, you cannot reverse engineer your software but you can open your car can't you?!, copyrighting databases, public information = not copyrightable (<a href="">yet!</a>), <a href="">Verisign</a> personal info database, <a href="">Amazon</a> knows what you did last summer and knows where your neighbor lives, <a href="">eblaster</a> from <a href="">spectorsoft</a> records ANYTHING, companies WILL monitor you, use encryption!!, shouts to the Cubs (AGAIN!!!). note from StankDawg: Despite my shoutz to the Cubs in this episode, they went on to lose in game 7 of the 2003 NLCS to the Florida Marlins after a great series of baseball. The annual chant of cubs fans begins again: "Just wait 'til next year!"


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