Binary Revolution Radio - 169 - Virtualization

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Buck Dangler is back from a long hiatus with Johnny Swank, BinRev fluffers have to be technically savvy, new interface planned for <a href="">Phreak Phactor</a>, Phreak Phactor user names will be the same as the <a href="">bells mind</a> accounts, trans gender midgets are tough to control, Johnny Swank swears by visualization packages, not theory doesn't recommend <a href="">bochs emulator</a>, not theory carries around his development environment on a virtual image on a portable hard drive, virtual machines support a snapshotting feature, or you can make a copy of the virtual machine yourself and archive it, <a href="">qemu</a>, <a href="">vmware</a>, and <a href="">Microsoft virtual server</a> are all virtualization software, your never really writing to the disk with virtualization it has to interface with the host operating system, setting up vm teams is how you can run multiple virtual machines instances together, <a href="">vmware esx server</a> is a bit different then other virtual machines because it is it's own operating system, vmware server and vmware player are both free, premade virtual machines are called <a href="">virtual appliances</a>, ptov is a vmware tool that takes your physical disk and makes it a virtual machine, hardware is a virtualization software limitation, site of the week <a href=""></a>


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