Binary Revolution Radio - 168 - Toorcon 8 Review

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Stank is joined by the second new member of DDP savant, Stank got to work on the gallery this weekend, Email about 419 scams, check out <a href="">Apple mac pro article</a> and <a href="">Dell vs. mac article</a>, Stank is always right (except when he is a dumbass), savant has been to two <a href="">toorcons</a>, savant drops some docs, savant doesn't want to get the double blink, aliens are invading savants house, simple nomad has an open ended rant license, Stank lists other presentations that were at toorcon, pre-ordered tickets are 50 bucks but you must pre-register months in advance, Stank actually had to pay to get into DefCon, savant talks about a wifi driver vulnerability presentation at blackhat and DefCon, loving the lol for lol is my will, high tech code and low tech lols, Stank doesn't know what he's in for, Tron: he fights for the user, couple of interesting presentation breaking ajax applications, savant was "researching" through some of the presentations, C++ reversing, savant explains the presentation Voip attacks, Stank talks about filler material and the Crunch panel


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