Binary Revolution Radio - 166 - Covert Channels

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Verbal is hosting with Stank this week, update about the <a href="">BinRev mentorship program</a>, Spam Woes, Email about <a href="">openVPN</a>, Verbal sucks @ t3h 0nline, verbal was in the hospital with a ruptured appendix, check out <a href="">DNS tunneling</a> and <a href=""></a> for more info on dns tunneling, Email from Irongeek about gmail encryption, email about apple’s <a href="">mightymouse</a>, discussion on apple and their price, a covert channel is more like information hiding, verbal explains information theory, is <a href="">steganography</a> a form of a covert channel?, it’s just not about networking, stank explains IPv4 and that TCP/IP is two separate things, approximately 4.3 billion IP addresses in IPv4, NAT (Network Address Translation) is also a solution, ipv6 is a 128bit address, routers and other network appliances also required IP addressing, NAT was not designed to be a security tool, check out <a href="">end to end argument in system design</a> and <a href=""> rethinking the design of the internet</a> for more info, is IPv6 inherently more secure?, site of the week: <a href=""></a>.


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