Binary Revolution Radio - 165 - Phishing...are you retarded?

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Stank is joined by Savant, the show is rated X this week, <a href="">Docdroppers</a> is currently being upgraded, BinRev picked up on spam lists, Stank sucks at this radio thing even after 4 seasons, Stank is old but he still tells better jokes than BR, Stank rants about spam email, Stank is not a podcaster, Email giving verbal more dating tips, savant's advice to verbal: plenty of alcohol, verbal: "<i>you suck at teh online</i>", Email about Yersinia, savant defines the term <a href="">phishing</a>, phishing is not just email, phishing can be just gathering info, A sucker is born every minute, there should be a punishment for people who get caught by a phisher, savant is a <a href="">Grover</a> man, savant explains the Nigeria scams, Latvia is another phishing hot spot, Stank gives a public service announcement, savant tells a story about a 419 scam, a large percent of phishing is a result of malware, never trust user input, site of the week <a href=""></a>.


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