Binary Revolution Radio - 163 - Open Source Security Tools

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Stank is joined by Quine with a binrev first: a double header back-to-back episodes of Binrev radio, quine explains different open source licenses, is there support for the software that your using, Stank rants about tech support, biggest benefit is that the software is more flexible and can be changed, not enough people contribute to open source projects, <a href="">ettercap</a> is a sniffer and can do arp poisoning and can be used for data injection, <a href="">yersinia</a> is a multi-protocol tool works at layer 2, quine talks about <a href="">metasploit framework</a>, nmap has a new scripting engine, <a href="">thc-hydra</a> is a multi-service brute force tool, <a href="">webscarab</a> is a web services auditing tool, as for defense tools <a href="">snort</a> is a light weight Intrusion detection system, <a href="">kismet</a> can be used in a defensive role as for site surveys and has wireless IDS capabilities, <a href="">packetfence</a> is an open source network access control system, <a href="">clamav</a> is an open source antivirus engine, <a href="">ossec hids</a> is a host base IDS, <a href="">openLDAP</a> is a open source LDAP service, <a href="">openVPN</a> is a SSL vpn, <a href="">freeradius</a> is another remote access tool, site of the week <a href=""></a>.<p><b>NOTE: </b><i>This was episode 1 of a back-to-back double header.</i></p>


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