Binary Revolution Radio - 162 - Tunneling

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Stank is back with verbal and Noelani, droops got stuck in a space time void and missed an episode, the show is going to rotate hosts for season 4, next week will be a back to back episode special, <a href="">bellsmind</a> is back and the number is 1-712-432-9020 for binrev radio on the phone, verbal apologizes for the sound quality of the last couple of shows, verbal's first mail on the show, Stank can't do anything about verbals voice, Stank goes back to the old school style of recording, Email about Stank's comments on the Revolution from <a href="">episode 160</a>, anyone that doesn't accept No for an answer and pushes boundaries has the hacker mindset, Stank's words of wisdom "Feel your inner hacker", verbal is afraid of the word hacker, Stank has mastered the art of three way calling, verbal gets his dating tips from Noelani again, verbal talks about picking up girls at the supermarket, verbal is not naturally comfortable talking to women, Noelani explains the linger touch, always practice security by default, verbal talks about tunneling, an explanation of the OSI layers and how a packet travels up and down them, update on the mentorship program, check out the <a href="">mentors page</a>


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