Binary Revolution Radio - 161 - Machine learning, Girls and Geeks

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Verbal joins droops again for this episode, verbal has a sexy voice, verbal needs people to email him about the mentorship program, droops isn't here it's just the machine talking, verbal doesn't post on the <a href="">BinRev forums</a> much, verbal explains a recent thread on the forums about <a href="">AOL</a>, <a href="">AOL</a> isn't breaking any laws by releasing data however it's a PR nightmare, people are stupid according to verbal, <a href="">a few examples of the weird stuff people search for</a>, Noelani joins the show and talks about her perspective on women in hacking, she talks about being married to the geekiest guy verbal knows, Mrs. droops is very supportive as well, verbal gets relationship advice from Noelani, New Zealand’s women to men ratio is 3 to 1, verbal learns how to pick up girls, machine learning is basically AI, an example of supervised algorithms is spam, check out


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