Binary Revolution Radio - 014 - Single Sign-on

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no "alright" this time, different intro from Epiphany, wow no security problems at 2600 meetings, mall kiosk = 0wn3d!, be professional on the air and it's ok if you act like a jerk, cut back on the cussing, <a href="">halloween horror nights</a>, your bejesus will be scared, park security!?, theme park urban exploration, juvenile line jumping, video/sound encoding/decoding card, new edition of <a href="">K-1ine zine</a>, <a href="">flexradio</a> - $500, other links: <a href="">FPGA</a> (Field Programmable Gate Array), <a href="">GNU Radio</a>, <a href="">GNU Radio Wiki</a>, ntheory can't deal with electronics, software works..or does it?!, radio hacking, discussion of single sign-on: <a href="">MS passport</a> is teh sux0r, <a href="">Yahoo wallet</a>?!, security aint M$'s middle name, passport has<a href=""> 200 MILLION users</a>, internal network + single sign-on = sweetness, go to school, log in, permissions set locally, you are trusted and preapproved, it ALL comes back to money, big gub-mint databases, do as I say, don't do as I do, incompetence?, shouts to decoder, shouts to the CUBS (again)!!! note from StankDawg: After last week's shoutz to the Cubs, I am trying again for good luck vs. the Marlins in the NLCS ! I had to do it again! (Baseball = superstition)


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