Binary Revolution Radio - 160 - Viva La Revolucion

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droops is sorry the show is late, droops needs to be paid more, new <a href=""></a> is out, droops rants about his business, check out <a href="">Irongeek site</a> and <a href="">hackaday</a>, Stank joins the show and gives an overview of the Binary Revolution, <a href="">peta</a> are nutjobs, Stank talks about helping each other and being a community, there is no such thing as a bad contribution, the message of the day is just to contribute, check out <a href="">twat radio</a> for a community based radio show, the magazine ordering system is down for now, Stank can't carry his toothpaste and shampoo in his carry-on on a plane anymore, <a href="">hackermedia</a> has a sister site called <a href=""></a>, droops will have naked pictures up there soon.


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