Binary Revolution Radio - 158 - The Sixth HOPE wrapup

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Black Ratchet is joined by Natas and Savant, savant wants to see a natas-only show, BR is a slots n00b, Email about telephonic craptacular special episode of the radio show, savant tells his lockpicking story, savant and natas are not big fans of the <a href="">Hotel Pennsyvannia</a> which <a href="">Hope 6</a> was held at, savant tells his air conditioner story, Hope has a little less skill level compared to <a href="">DefCon</a> and is more of a social outing, BR recommends it, there was plenty of seating for the presentations, there is two tracks for presentations, natas' favorite presentation was <a href="">project mf</a>, <a href="">Phiber Optik's</a> "project mf" allows you to blue box over voip, BR's favorite presentation was RFID, BR talks about an implanted RFID chips, the chips implanted are as small as a grain of salt, savant talks about his presentation about tracksploits, Stank did his <a href="">Art of Electronic Deduction</a> presentation, BR gave his presentation without slides do to technical difficulty, natas' captain crunch adventure, BinRev meetup at <a href="">White Castle</a> <a href=",+10018&ie=UTF8&z=17&ll=40.754296,-73.992137&spn=0.005502,0.014334&om=1">in Manhattan</a>, <a href="">crazy old guy</a> at White Castle, BR explains <a href="">Steve Rambam's arrest</a> at hope, Mitnick gets owned by a virus, savant launches a bottle rocket on the air.


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