Binary Revolution Radio - 157 - LIVE at HOPE #6

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NOTE: The company that was recording the presentation at HOPE just quit after an hour even though we were scheduled for an hour and a half. The show ends abruptly but this was beyond our control.

This First Episode of Season 4 was recorded at <a href="">Hope 6</a> in front of a live studio audience, every version of BRR is indecent compared to <a href="">OTH</a>, Stank was on <a href="">Radio Freek America</a> before creating this show, <a href="">hackermind</a> was also another show that preceded BinRev radio, Natas is the star of the show, dual is a fed, RFA first aired June 20th 2002, <a href="">hackermind</a> was one of the first online "hacking" radio shows, "real life > hacking", Sl1pm0de started <a href="">In the now</a> in 2001 about the same time as hackermind, <a href="">DDP hackradio</a> streams all sorts of hacking related content,Black Ratchet took over the show for season 3, the radio show will continue through season 4, <a href="">Phreak Phactor</a> was the first internet hacking reality show, Stank tells his cookie lady story, check out <a href="">rantmedia</a>, Stank tells his deadly halon story, can't we all just get along?, STFU or GTFO, Special guest tonight is <a href="">MC Frontalot</a> who performs live (albeit with crappy equipment), MC Frontalot just released an album, Stank and Natas <a href="">called the internet</a> on an episode of Phreak Phactor, Stank surfs pron at the conference, check out <a href=""></a> and <a href=”></a> for Stanks presentations at hope.<p><b>NOTE: This recording was cut short and ends abruptly. This was the fault of the video company that was supposed to be recording at HOPE6 who just decided, out of the blue, to quit like little bitches and ruin the show.</b></p>


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