Binary Revolution Radio - 152 - Piracy Documentary

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Seal aka Julian is co-hosting this week talking about his piracy documentary and can be found at <a href=""></a>,'>"></a>, Seal has a few projects on the backburner and it has become a hobby for him, Stank admits he doesn't have any video editing skills, Seal's documentary isn't quite finished yet, <a href="">Creative Commons</a> Music is not free if you submit a movie to a film festival, the piracy documentary took about a year to complete, originally the movie was going to be an hour long rant, Jason Scott also did a documentary recently the <a href="">BBS documentary</a>, Creative Commons is not necessarily public domain, <a href="">HackTV</a>, <a href="">Binary Revolution Radio</a> and anything else released by DDP is under creative commons but it can be freely distributed as long as it it is unaltered and no profit is made on it, Seal and Jason Scott will be presenting at HOPE this year, Cimmerian from <a href="">rant radio</a> also makes an appearance on the documentary, a majority of the internet radio stations are operating illegally due to certain royalty laws, Stank wants to be on American Idol with decoder, the U.S. puts pressure on other countries to ratify piracy laws, in Canada the most a politician can receive from a company for a campaign is $1,000, in the united states in the 2000 election warren hash the guy in charge of copy right reforms received $300,000 for his campaign by the big 4 in the entertainment industry, there are to many middle men in the current entertainment industry, Apple makes 10 cents per download off of it's <a href="">ITunes service</a>, greed not piracy will kill the entertainment industry, movie downloading service is an untapped market, closing credits have ANSI art done by Zero, Stank rants about Star Wars, Email about obtaining court documents, most likely can obtain documents from court house, check out <a href="">pacer</a> for online court documents, Stank doesn't stash pron, droops use to have quite a pron stash but his wife found it, droops tells his story about his relationship video and his convoy experience, you can record on a unmodified ipod but at a very low bit rate, site of the week is <a href=""></a>


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