Binary Revolution Radio - 013 - Virii

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lucky 13, bluebox off <a href="">ebay</a>? nah, just build it dude!, <a href="">opening music</a>, Stank's stick ppl are retards, stank can read music? ROTFLMAO!!, <a href=""></a> (almost as cool as a monkey humpin' a robot), moved hosts, <a href="">hack gallery</a> up, almost kicked off rantradio (now thats hardcore biatch!), <a href="">waste</a>, big file encryption, "Stankisms", hackers and viruses - related?, big ass-stomping virus will emerge in near future, ph33r h4x0rs & v1r11, brrr-ing it!, virus coming...brace yourself, are virus writers misunderstood? are they mal-intended? are they looking for fame?, 10 to 20 credit?, accidental viruses, drop the test tube - you get fux0red, future virii will be the "Nirvana" of virii, grunge virii? yeah baby!, cool screensaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt, props make guilty, new virus - IRC, kazaa, win32 - <a href="">Swen</a>, Swen looks like an updater, integration = vulnerabilities, outlook uses IEfor html rendering, brrr-loat in M$, Swen uses mime vulnerability, it will disable antivirus software, that is so freaking sweet!, linux integration - you can see it, you can write it, everyone wants MS Office, Stank's grammar is fux0red, don't use bloatware for the sake of the bloat, update your damn virus checker!!!!, <a href="">what in the HELL was verisign thinking</a>!?, "we at Verisign are cocksuckers and quite frankly we 0wn yo ass", these ppl are f**knuts for two damn months, 2 f**knuts?!, spam is conspiratorial?, dry lube no nothing, shouts to feend, hacnslash, dual, zapper, slip, rax, ppl on irc, <a href="">rfa</a>, vooduhal, logan5, <a href="">Zearle</a>, dumb shouts to the Cubs (w00t!! Go Cubs!). note from StankDawg: The Cubs win the first round playoff series against the Braves after this episode! w00t!


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