Binary Revolution Radio - 151 - Your First Computer

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Stank does the worst intro to the show ever, New changes in the show email section moved, Decoder's first computer was an <a href="">abacus</a>, his first computer machine was a <a href="">sage radar system</a>, Decoder's words of wisdom everything old is new again, computer machines are a de-evolution, his first computer was a <a href="">tandy 1000</a> from radio shack, AOL is, was, and forever will be, the Sux0r, Danthra's first computer down in Argentina was a <a href="">TI 99/4a</a>, Stank had the same computer however all he did was play games on it, Stank searched high and low to find someone older than him, Rax's first computer was a <a href="">digi-comp 1</a>, <a href="">"</a> to build your own digi-comp 1, his first useable computer was a <a href="">commodore pet</a>, Stank and Rax reminisce about <a href="">Lunar Lander</a>, Stank is out of the closet, check out the <a href="">Victorian internet</a> for a good read, Rax is a closet <a href="">trekkie</a>, <a href=" ">Hackers and Painters</a> and <a href="">The Hacker Ethic</a> are both good books, Stank remembers the commodore 64 being a big hit for the home user, Stank's first programming class was in the 9th grade on a <a href="">TRS-80</a>, check out the <a href="">The packet sniffers</a> , and hang out in channel #binrev on, Email on <a href="">Myth TV</a> check out this <a href="">tutorial</a>, and Rightcoast uses <a href="">knopmyth</a>, Stank doesn’t like <a href="">Froogle</a>, you can record to an ipod using <a href="">ipod linux</a> on the 4th generation ipods and before <a href="">Xtrememac</a> is releasing one soon for the 5th generation ipod. Site of the week <a href="">Fbill radio</a>.


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