Binary Revolution Radio - 150 - Phreak toolkit

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New format change for the show, the first episode of season 4 will be recorded in front of a live audience at HOPE 6 , Email about Defcon Stank will be there this year, check out the <a href=””>digital forensic wiki</a>, email about <a href=””>truecrypt</a>, an encryption tool used in windows and linux, Stank bought a new Nintendo DS game called <a href=”>brain age.</a> and felt he got ripped off but MarioDS r0x0rs!, and have been recently registered by google, season finale of lost was on last week, Zigman has a new job, hang out in channel binrev on, ponyboy suggest that if you carry a beige box then you should carry it in pieces in different pockets, ponyboy also has flares in his toolkit, he also carries smoke bombs in case of emergency, check out <a href=””>bellcore radio</a> on Saturday nights at 8pm on <a href=””>DDP hack radio</a>, livinded carries a pickup coil to record phone calls and a tone dialer, Zer0Db explains a tool known as a T-Bird, zeroDB uses a flashlight with a red lends, test numbers are also fun to play with, be careful with password protected systems, Natas’s main phreak tool is his blackberry and laptop, he also uses his asterisk box at home via his blackberry’s web browser, Zigman got his new job from the <a href=>BinRev 561 meeting</a>.


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