Binary Revolution Radio - 148 - Rainbow Tables

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Stank is back wrapping up season 3, check out <a href=""></a>, Email about <a href="">wifi on the bus</a>, industrial strength Degousing, file shreding software <a href=" ">rwipe</a>, Email about the <a href="">MDA Pro</a> Decius talks about his <a href="">sidekick</a>, Stank's new TV obsession is Lost, Decius is more of an aquateen hunger force kinda guy, Lost's fake commercial, Sneakers drops a real phone number, explanation of the origin of <a href="">Rainbow tables</a>, Rainbow tables can be used for md5, sha, LM or NT and mysql password hashes, salting means appending characters before the password has been hashed, the LanManager hash is not salted, Rainbow tables take up quite a bit of data, the length of the password is also a consideration on the size of the tables, Philpe Oechslin <a href="">Rainbow table paper</a> ,Decius explains the basic math behind rainbow table creation, only the first and last entry in the chain are stored to disk this speeds up the search of the table, rainbow tables is useful for complex passwords however most passwords can be cracked with much less effort, hashes are sent thru a reduction function before the next iteration, Tools to use <a href="">rainbowcrack</a>, <a href="">ophcrack</a>, and <a href="">winrtgen</a>. check out <a href=""></a> for rainbow tables online, site of the week <a href=""></a>


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