Binary Revolution Radio - 147 - System Hardening for Webmasters

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Stank is nothing but an AI algorithm, Asterisk Gentoo and Ipods again, Email about <a href="">ppc6700 registry hacks</a>, EvDo network gets pretty fast network speeds, Stank's mini review of the <a href="">Treo 700w</a>, Follow up email on database support for <a href="">ruby on rails</a>, Stank has moved, has no free time and lives in an igloo, message of the day is: "hacking is suppose to be fun!", BR has been printing a lot somewhere in the range of 10,000 pages, topic was inspired by the attacks from the internet at large on the binrev servers, exploit has been released for invision boards, Stank took the forums down only as a precaution the forums were recently patched and the exploit wouldn't have worked anyway, is commercial software or open source software inherently more secure?, update and patch all software that is running on the box, minimize all the points of attack only have services that you need running on the box, control panels are used to keep a webserver updated such as <a href="">cpanel</a> and <a href="">webmin</a>, also look for shell access when looking for a good web host, control panel software also has to be updated, BR is taking a break from the show and getting married, Stank will be taking over for the rest of season 3, Stank is thinking of doing a format change for the next season of the show.


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